Henry Resources


Henry at a glance

Over the past 50+ years, the Henry name has become integral to the storied history of oil & gas development in the Permian Basin. Beginning as a Spraberry expert in 1969, Jim Henry built a technically focused organization that would ultimately be one of the first movers in recognizing and exploiting the Wolfberry play in the early 2000s. Guided by a rich corporate history and the stellar example of our founders Paula and Jim Henry, the Company strives to maintain its position as a leader in both the Permian Basin oil & gas industry and the Midland community.

Henry has been in business and located in Midland, Texas, since its founding in 1969. Until 2008, the Company focused primarily on investing in operated oil and gas assets. With several significant liquidity events in 2008 and 2010, the Henry family chose to diversify its investments into a broader portfolio.    As a result, the Henry organization expanded into a diversified family office comprised of two sides: oil & gas and investments.

From 2008 to 2023, Henry’s oil and gas segment focused on operated assets.  In November 2023, Henry divested virtually all its remaining operated oil & gas assets to Vital Energy.  After the sale, the Company decided to pivot away from operations. 

Though Henry’s business model may have changed, our values and commitment to Midland and the Permian Basin have not.  Under the leadership of Paula Henry, the Henry organization intends to stay active in oil & gas as a non-op investor and carry on the legacy of integrity and excellence so important to our founder, Jim Henry.


Henry Resources | Oil & Gas

Henry Resources represents the Henry organization's Permian Basin-focused oil & gas arm. Following the sale of our operated oil & gas properties to Vital Energy in November 2023, Resources is now focused on acquiring non-operated working interest only. We remain acquisitive for high-quality assets in the Midland and Delaware Basins. Henry has a strategic partnership with Oxbow Petroleum, a Midland-based operator comprised of many of Henry’s former operations staff. This partnership allows us the flexibility to invest in projects with an operator in place or bring operational capabilities to bear via Oxbow if needed.

We are actively seeking partnerships with private investors or other family offices interested in investing in Permian oil & gas projects that share our values and align with our long-term investment cycle and low-leverage principles.


Henry TAW | Alternative Investments

Henry considers itself a long-term player in the oil and gas industry. However, with the liquidity events from the corporate sale to Concho in 2008 and subsequent asset sale to Linn Energy in 2010, the Henry family began diversifying its investments into sectors outside of oil & gas and the Permian Basin. This corporate diversification was carried out to stabilize returns during fluctuating commodity price cycles that will invariably show up in an oil & gas portfolio.

Alternative investments include stocks, bonds, real estate investments, private equity ventures, bank ownership, merchant banking, etc. While oil & gas operations continue to be the primary growth vehicle for the organization, alternative investments aim to reduce the company's overall risk profile while supporting the shareholders' value.