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Henry is unapologetically a Midland-based company focused on finding, developing, and producing oil & gas in the Permian Basin.  That said, we are very proud of our West Texas home and want to do everything in our power to preserve and protect it for future generations.  We don’t see the two as mutually exclusive.  We have always been diligent in our efforts to be good stewards of the region in which we live and work. We know we can always do better. With that in mind, we are committed to being proactive participants in this changing energy landscape.

We genuinely believe that doing our small part to bring cheap, reliable energy to the world is a critical and noble pursuit.  Our focus moving forward is to be transparent about how we are accomplishing this and to be open to ideas and discussion on how we might improve and be better neighbors.


Health & Safety


It is a priority at Henry that we do everything in our power to ensure all our employees get home safely every day.  We take great care to protect the safety of our field staff, who are subject to increased risks of injury while engaged in our exploration and production activities.  We have a stellar safety record and intend to keep it that way.

Our safety culture is formed by leadership commitment and employee involvement, exhibited routinely in our everyday actions, including reviewing incident reports in the event something happens on location.   All employees who work in the field are trained on our safety practices.  Mandatory monthly safety meetings are held for our operational staff and are regularly attended by executive management.  Henry expects our service providers we rely on in the field to provide proper safety training to their employees and contractors. We also conduct regular training for contractors we employ on our locations in the field.


It is also a priority for our employees to remain active, fit, and healthy. We are firm believers that healthy, fit employees will be happier and more productive at the office or in the field and go home to their families more satisfied at night.

Henry provides 100% paid medical, dental, and vision for all employees and their families. In addition, Henry offers complimentary access to Teladoc, an integrated virtual care system, for all our employees. Henry also sponsors and hosts an annual health fair and flu shot clinic for employees and their families at our Midland office.

Henry reimburses employees for their monthly fitness memberships. Employees also often participate together in various fitness challenges around West Texas.


Environmental Stewardship

Flaring & Other Emissions

Our stakeholders care about how companies manage and mitigate emissions, as flaring is common in West Texas and a concern for the general public. We agree and work to minimize flaring at all our well sites. Less than 2% of our total produced volumes were flared in 2020. 

Additionally, our facilities are constructed with vapor recovery units (VRUs) to avoid venting or flaring gas whenever possible. Over 99% of our production flows through facilities with a VRU.  We have also transitioned to electric compression on all our locations with gas lift as our means of artificial lift.  This both improves efficiency and lowers emissions at the well.



Responsibly managing the water used, produced, treated, stored, and disposed of during our operations in a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner is essential to our success. Because water is a vital natural resource in West Texas, we consciously act as a prudent custodian of our freshwater resources and manage our water with long-term implications for West Texas in mind. 

From working closely with landowners to source drilling and completions water to diligently managing our produced water, we do our best to view the process holistically.  We recognize that today's most cost-efficient solution might not always align with the best long-term solution for the asset and our neighbors.  As an organization, we are intentionally moving towards recycling our produced water for repeated use in our operations.  This will minimize the amount of total freshwater used and limit the volume of produced water we ultimately send to disposal wells.



Much like water, land is critical to our operations and is a limited resource. Comprehensive planning is required to ensure we have the necessary surface available for current and future development while staying mindful of our overall footprint and impact on our landowners.

Henry prioritizes our relationships with landowners.  After all, most of us are landowners ourselves and we know how terrible it feels to be neglected.  We work very hard to protect these relationships and our reputation.  We always strive to treat our neighbors as we’d want to be treated if the positions were reversed.  We do our absolute best to be transparent with our plans and available for input from our neighbors.  We want to be viewed as part of the community and do our best to be involved and helpful in making our West Texas communities thrive.

“When I first learned Henry Resources had purchased our lease agreement days before it expired, I wanted to know more about them. I found out they were a Christian-based organization with close ties to their community and were deeply involved with charity organizations. I'm a firm believer in "Actions speak louder than words." As a land/mineral owner, Henry Resources has proven themselves not just by being successful in their drilling operations but also answering my questions in a timely manner. I'm very fortunate to have an operator that treats their land/mineral owners with respect.”

Reeves County Surface/Mineral Owner


“As mentioned in my recent text, the name Henry Resources is a gold standard in this area.”

Upton County Surface/Mineral Owner


Investing in Renewable Energy

  • Henry has made an investment in a smart transportation & logistics fund that invests in opportunities across the entire supply chain in public and private companies, both domestically and globally. The fund’s focus is on the EV OEMs space, battery and semis development and autonomous software.
  • In addition, Henry is a seed equity partner in a start-up venture formed to explore and develop lithium brine mining assets using oilfield infrastructure and water treatment technologies in the United States.
  • Through ranch land the Henry Family owns, there are 7, 3MW wind turbines currently operating, and a study is being performed on about 4,000 acres associated to the potential installation of a solar farm.



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