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When you mention the Henry name around Midland and most other places around the Permian Basin, you get a very consistent response, "what a great company." Since starting the organization in 1969, Paula and Jim Henry have shaped a culture steeped in hard work, honesty, and generosity based on a strong set of Christian values. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better reputation anywhere in our business.  From top to bottom, our people are honored to be a part of this organization and what it stands for.

Integrity, excellence, discipline, generosity, and a healthy dose of West Texas pluck. That is Henry. For over 50 years, this has been the standard by which we measure ourselves.  

Our People

Henry always has, and always will, view its people as part of the family and its most valuable asset.  Many companies give that statement lip service, but the proof is in our history.

After being forced to lay off employees for financial reasons in 1986, Jim Henry vowed never to do it again.  We have a balance sheet to show that we don't take that vow lightly.

A very flat and lean organization that shares 25% of cumulative corporate growth with the folks that execute our strategy day in day out.  From the board room to the front desk.100% paid medical, dental, and vision for employees and their families.100% employee participation in our 401k matching program.

Actively encourage our people to use company time to volunteer in the community.  We also strongly encourage our people to use every day of the ample vacation allowed every year.

We have very low turnover at Henry.  Most employees that leave choose to do so because they want to take the lessons learned at Henry and start their own business.  In our opinion, there is no better indication of quality leadership and culture than helping your people grow into independent leaders themselves.

"Run a lean staff and religiously maintain a balance sheet that will protect your people, even through a prolonged downturn."


"Make employees a high priority. Foster a culture where it is okay to make mistakes and provide both stability and opportunity in the way you compensate them. Hire the best people and give them the incentive to stay.“

"Use a "win-win" strategy in negotiations. Fair dealings lead to repeat partnerships, which lead to the company's long-term success."


Our Partners

Henry has worked closely with many industry peers over the years.   We believe this has made us a better, more balanced organization.

We take great pride in being an excellent team member to all those we work with.  Not only does that include those that invest with us, but it also includes those that provide us with their services.  We view them all as essential to our business.

We believe in loyalty and long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial.

We always strive to be transparent, trustworthy and give our co-developers a meaningful say in the projects they are involved in.

We also take great pride in paying our bills as quickly as possible.  Most of the time, that is inside 30 days.

This commitment to our co-developers and service providers allows us the opportunity to work with the best in class repeatedly.  We never take this for granted because we know how critical it is for our business.



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